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The Fish Factory


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  • LocalEditorWestSussex

    25-Nov-2013 Report

    When we say we only serve the freshest food at The Fish Factory, we really mean it. From our homemade pasta to our scrumptious sauces and gravy, all our food is made from scratch on the premises, and we even bake our own bread in our own bakery! The ingredients are all sourced from their country of origin, which means our chorizo comes from Spain and our pasta is made with Italian flour.
    Our fish-friendly policy means that all our fish is line-caught where possible, as this is the most sustainable method. You may be interested to know that our mussels, for example, come directly from our pots on the Isle of Shane.
    Where we source foreign foods from their country of origin, we also offer a multitude of locally sourced produce, such as local organic cheeses and even organic, English wines featuring comfortably next to top-end classics on our menus.

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