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  • LocalEditorWestSussex

    25-Nov-2013 Report

    Located just a stone's throw from the mighty Chichester Cathedral and minutes' drive from Goodwood, the Vintage offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where you can chat over a drink and have something fresh and delicious to eat too. And when we say fresh, we mean fresh.

    Check out our freezer; the only food you will find in there is our wonderfully creamy Möwenpick ice cream. Everything else for our tasty British menu is sourced as locally as possible and delivered to us six days a week.

    Here you will find a selection of vintage board games (no pool table), vintage cocktails (freshly prepared), vintage bar nibbles (such as Scotch eggs, pork pies and pickled onions) and of course a fabulous selection of draught ales, lagers and ciders as well as an extensive wine list and more besides.

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