Baby Shiatsu

West Kilburn

Learn how to give your baby a shiatsu massage! Gentle Japanese shiatsu massage creates a feeling of confidence and promotes a trusting bond between you and your baby. using simple manual techniques, you/or your partner learn how to help your child develop a calm and relaxed demeanor.
Babies feel intuitively that being touched is good for them. the infant is treated with gentle pressure along the energy channels, clothed in their comfortable clothing. In this class I teach you easy shiatsu techniques in order to give your baby caring massage. It will equip you with the needed techniques to continue the practice at home - to set your baby up for a good night's sleep. Also there will be time for you with post-natal exercises to support and relax you. Baby shiatsu can help: Digestion, improve sleep, strengthen the immune system and create a state of calm. It's also fun. Join us if you can.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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