Bloomsbury Beauty


Bloomsbury Beauty was created in 2003 & is run by Yasmin who has had 12 years experience in the field of beauty therapy. She is also a fully qualified nail technician and makeup artist who completed her training at the London College of Beauty Therapy.

The ethics behind this company is to create beautiful skin using natural, herbal skincare products in our facials.

Chocolate is used in full body treatments to increase circulation, tightening the skin and reducing cellulite. The antioxidants found in chocolate protect the skin. Chocolate body treatments include warm chocolate-milk back facials. Body exfoliations with cocoa beans smooth the skin. Chocolate lotions moisturize and protect the skin, and chocolate massages help draw impurities from the body. Chocolate massages moisturize the skin, fight cellulite and re-mineralizes the skin and metabolism.

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