Bar Italia


Welcome to Bar Italia
London's Finest and friendliest coffee bar!

First opened in 1949 by Lou and Caterina Polledri, Bar Italia is a family run business which has been passed on through three generations.
Why is it so good you ask?
Because we have a tried and tested system that works and we don't deviate too much from it. Our Gaggia coffee machine doesn't have a water filter, so no salts are run through it. It's temperature is set to less than boiling so the coffee doesn't burn.
We also only use the finest coffee – our own secret blend – which has been supplied to us by Signor Angelucci since we first opened.

Bar Italia is open till 5am every day and then re-opens at 7am for breakfast. The Bar is always bustling, full of different characters from the Soho trendies, sports personalities, famous musicians & film stars to our regulars who have been with us for many years.

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