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Cleaners Paddington


Customers can enjoy a hassle-free, quick and efficient domestic cleaning, as all our cleaners are trained accordingly. All our domestic cleaning work is done with non-toxic materials and equipment, should the need be there for a more aggressive treatment of stains or other blemishes, our people will apply only a sparing amount of the necessary solvent in order to get the job done without exposing any of the occupants to risk.

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  • macykryans

    15-Apr-2014 Report

    They washed the dishes, scrubbed every surface (including the floors), and thoroughly cleaned the inside of our oven and fridge. (Yes, even the fridge!) In addition, they organised our shelves, cleaned out our cabinets, got rid of expired goods, and even wiped down all of the bottles, tins and containers in our cluttered pantry.

  • rubinasfpalmer

    03-Apr-2014 Report

    Excellent customer service - estimate clear, on time and good value - the company booked when convenient for me, showed up on time, did an excellent job and was friendly and conscientious.

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