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Hire our professional house cleaning company to get the work done for you. At Cleaners Pimlico our trained staff can get your house looking sparklingly clean without you needing to lift a finger, so you can concentrate on the more important things in your life. Our staff use only the best products and techniques to make sure that your house is as spotless and as germ-free as possible. For the most reliable domestic cleaning service, call our company today.

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  • stephentaylor

    09-Sep-2016 Report

    I am a small business owner and know the importance of keeping my working environment clean and tidy at all times. I chose to hire Cleaners Pimlico. There prices are cheap, I am very pleased with the quality of their work and the results last until their next visit!

  • ShelleyBryan

    10-Jul-2015 Report

    Cleaners Pimlico definitely take quality and professionalism seriously. Well that's certainly the impression that I got when I called them up and hired their house cleaning services. When I first spoke to their staff over the phone, I explained exactly what I needed doing, and their cleaners took everything on board, turned up on time with the right equipment and got started straight away. What ensued was nothing short of spectacular as I watched them go about their work cleaning my house from top to bottom in super quick time. I'll definitely be using them again.

  • KeithLindsey

    19-May-2015 Report

    My loyal cleaner had retired so I had to search for a replacement cleaning for my office. A colleague suggested I use Cleaners Pimlico, as they covered office cleaning services and were low priced. I called and booked a consultation and arranged for a trial first. I was very pleased with the promptness, the smart work uniform and the fact that the cleaner arrived with the tools and detergents. We had to find a store room if we chose to carry on with the service for the equipment but that wasn't a problem. I have been using this company for months now and they are great.

  • BrittanyManning67

    28-Nov-2014 Report

    I am fortunate to live in a large home in the country but living in a large home is not all it is cracked up to be, the amount of cleaning that you have to do in increased like tenfold, I mean it's great but not great for the cleaner which used to be little old me until I found a wonderful company called Cleaners Pimlico. They come every week to clean from top to bottom and the price is fantastic, do not assume that cleaners are for well-off people because their rates are estimated by the amount of work, so smaller homes would be less

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