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Soho Cleaners is a real professional when it comes to providing different types of services to our customers. Our goal is to satisfy all our customers and provide the services we say we provide. Is not easy to be a leading company on the market but through hard work, respect and professionalism we managed to stay in top cleaning companies for years. Call us today on and book your cleaning with real professionals.

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  • alexiswright

    09-Sep-2016 Report

    For the fourth week in a row now, I will be arranging for Soho Cleaners to clean my home. I wouldn't even notice things like, but I'd bet that the house would now stand up to a full scientific dirt inspection, if those exist. I have no hesitations about working something out long-term with them, either. They have proven to be perfect.

  • MildredRobertson

    14-Jul-2015 Report

    I called Soho Cleaners to sort out my office space so that my business could regain its professional look. A lot of work over recent times had meant that cleaning my office had taken a back seat, and with lunches had at my computer, an overflowing rubbish bin and dust hanging from the ceiling, something drastic needed to take place. When they entered my office, their cleaners didn't bat an eyelid and quickly sorted out every inch of my office space, making it into the professional looking place of business that it once was.

  • BrittanyNorton

    19-May-2015 Report

    I had several terraced houses I rented out. Often a tenant would leave the property in a mess and though I would refuse to give them their deposit back I still needed it cleaning. I didn't have a lot of time so I needed a reliable and reputable company. I found it in a local firm called Soho Cleaners. They were brilliant. The office organised a team to call and clean the entire place. They did it really quickly and it looked spotless after the cleaners had finished. A great job and good price too! Thanks.

  • OpalFoster

    01-Dec-2014 Report

    My landlord is supposed to take care of many of the jobs that I need doing around my home but getting hold of him is the problem, he's always out of the country and it's so annoying. A few weeks ago I managed to get in touch with him and he said that he had arranged for Soho Cleaners to come and clean our house after we had cavity wall insulation done, I thought he was trying to pass the buck but to be fair this company were absolutely fabulous and I feel bad now for telling my landlord off because he made the best decision for us.

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