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Chiswick Cleaners Ltd.

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Expect to be amazed by the way our cleaners in Chiswick Cleaners can handle the cleaning chores you've been trying to avoid, deliberately or not. To be honest, there are more favourable things to do in life than spending the weekend wiping things and removing dust. With the help of our expert cleaning team you can leave all these unpleasant tasks behind and walk away with clean hands. Call us on 020 3743 8295, or visit our website www.chiswickcleaners.com

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  • danielprice

    08-Sep-2016 Report

    Thanks to Chiswick Cleaners Ltd. my home has never looked cleaner! I have lots of spare time to spend on doing what I love, instead of wasting it with a mop in my hand. Everything from my lampshades to my skirting boards are cleaned and dusted every two weeks, and my asthma at home has definitely improved. It's good to know my house is as clean as it can be and it's all thanks to this home cleaning services!

  • MackChavez

    03-Jul-2015 Report

    I would like to send my appreciation to Chiswick Cleaners Ltd. for their incredible work cleaning my office a few days ago. I was very pleased with the quality of service and the price. Very pleased. Great work!

  • MarvinSantiago

    14-May-2015 Report

    I surprised my wife with a clean oven when she was away working. I knew she hated the chore of cleaning an oven and on the advice of my mum got in touch with a professional cleaning company called Chiswick Cleaners Ltd. and arranged for them to thoroughly clean it whilst she was away. They made a terrific job and it looked great and didn't cost much either! You can imagine the surprise my wife got when she returned she was overwhelmed. Now she has decided to use the cleaning company regularly to keep it looking pristine. It is a great value for money service.

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