Exhibitions in Westminster and City

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs Tate Modern Embankment
17-Apr-13 to 7-Sep-14
Henri Matisse is a giant of modern art. This landmark show explores the final chapter in his career in which he began ‘carving into colour' and his series of spectacular cut-outs...
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Launchpad The Science Museum Knightsbridge
11-Oct-13 to 11-Oct-15
Launchpad is packed with over 50 interactive exhibits, plus electrifying shows and lively demos, all from the wonderful world of physics. Launchpad is all about asking questions...
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Families welcome area Tate Britain Millbank Westminster
10-Jan-14 to 10-Jan-16
Visit the new Welcome Area at Tate Britain and choose an activity for your family to enjoy together in the galleries. Activities encourage exploration and understanding of archite...
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Bayswater Road Artists Bayswater
13-Jan-14 to 13-Jan-16
"Sidewalk art at its best" Every Sunday, Bayswater Road in London W2 is transformed into the world's liveliest open-air art show. Sidewalk-art at its best. This world famous...
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The Micrarium - A Place For Tiny Things The Grant Museum of Zoology Marylebone Road
13-Jan-14 to 13-Jan-16
The Micrarium is a place for tiny things - somewhere to come and explore the microscopic specimens at the Grant Museum. It's often said that 95% of known animal species are small...
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Saatchi Gallery Sloane Square Belgravia
23-Jan-14 to 23-Jan-16
The Saatchi Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by international artists whose work has been rarel...
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Richard Deacon Tate Britain Central London
5-Feb-14 to 27-Apr-14
Tate Britain is delighted to present a major exhibition of the Turner Prize winner Richard Deacon, a leading British sculptor, best known for his large, lyrical open forms. In a...
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Richard Hamilton Tate Modern Embankment
13-Feb-14 to 26-May-14
One of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, Richard Hamilton (1922–2011) is widely regarded as a founding figure of pop art, who continued to experiment and...
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Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story The Natural History Museum Knightsbridge
13-Feb-14 to 28-Sep-14
disabled access Experience the dramatic story of ancient Britain, its changing landscapes and the people that lived here. This major exhibition showcases more than 200 specimens, objects and...
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United Visual Artists: Momentum The Curve Barbican
13-Feb-14 to 1-Jun-14
This installation, or immersive experience is a carefully choreographed sequence of light, sound and movement, which responds to the unique space of the Barbican's Curve. Momentum...
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Beautiful Science The British Library Central London
20-Feb-14 to 6-May-14
Beautiful Science: Picturing Data, Inspiring Insight Turning numbers into pictures that tell important stories and reveal the meaning held within is an essential part of what it...
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Comics Unmasked PACCAR Gallery Central London
2-May-14 to 19-Aug-14
Comics Unmasked Art and Anarchy in the UK Trials of Nasty Tales © Dave Gibbons Featuring some of the biggest names in comics, including Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta),...
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Exclusive Vikings Viewing for MNers The British Museum Holborn
On this exclusive morning you won't feel pressured to keep your kids quiet, you can meet other parents and carers who want to experience a bit of culture, and you'll have the time...
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Ancient lives new discoveries The British Museum Holborn
22-May-14 to 30-Nov-14
Think you know mummies? Think again... This exhibition will introduce you to eight people from ancient Egypt and Sudan whose bodies have been preserved, either naturally or by...
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