Pilates Reformer Sessions - Pre & AnteNatal


The Peacock Pilates London Reformer Studio is an exclusive boutique studio which offers 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 private PreNatal and AnteNatal Pilates sessions on the Pilates Equipment in London W2.

There are few exercises that pregnant women can do and mothers-to-be (and new mothers) need to feel fit and strong and keep on eye on their posture. Most doctors highly recommend PreNatal or PostNatal Pilates because of it many benefits.

We help our clients stay toned or even increase tone during pregnancy.

To find out more email info@peacock-pilates.com or visit http://peacock-pilates.com/pre-natal-pilates/.

Or watch our short video that discusses the many benefits of pilates during pregancy which you can see on the website or at http://youtu.be/CUHpCPN6v-0?list=PLBWNvMs5ds95uu17BpXSPzM5F5wIa-Fg5

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