Zetter Town House Marylebone



The 24-bedroom Georgian townhouse and cocktail lounge enjoys an enviable location on Seymour Street, in Marylebone. While the Townhouse in Clerkenwell is known as the home of Zetter's Great Aunt Wilhelmina, the Marylebone property belongs to Wicked Uncle Seymour.

The Townhouse features a spectacular Rooftop Apartment with a roof terrace and al fresco bath, 21 bedrooms and 2 studio suites. Each of the bedrooms is unique, featuring individual collections of antique furniture and curious finds.

The bedrooms are awash with artefacts from Uncle Seymour's days as a loveable rogue and gambler. Everything has been especially crafted for the rooms and suites which vary in size from compact to generous.

Seymour's Parlour cocktail lounge is open from breakfast until late with menus by Bruno Loubet & Tony Conigliaro. More a Georgian drawing room than hotel bar, it is perfect for confidential chats over afternoon tea or decadent cocktails by the fireplace.

Seymours Parlour is the second cocktail lounge in the Zetter Townhouse family. Once again The Zetter Group has collaborated with pioneering drinks creator Tony Conigliaro, to bring ground breaking bespoke cocktails to Marylebone.

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