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Covent Garden

Covent Garden

After the opening of the Piazza in the mid 17th century, stalls of market traders hawking fruit and vegetables became an established feature. In 1670, the 5th Earl of Bedford recognised the business potential and obtained the right to hold a market by Letters Patent from King Charles II.

Covent Garden is now home to 3 markets. Visit the Apple Market for British hand-made arts, crafts & antiques, plus the Jubilee & East Colonnade Markets for a huge variety of stalls.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • Mignonette

    11-Jan-2014 Report

    We took the children to Covent Garden recently on a gastronomic adventure before hitting Winter Wonderland. Starting off in Shake Shack with a tub of 'Concrete' (thick cream filled ice cream, banana, marshmallow and walnuts) and a bacon & cheese burger they greatly enjoyed having their own 'pager' (like giant remote control) that told them when their order was ready. We sat in the main Jubilee market and ate until replete then staggered off to the nearby Finn Family Moomintroll shop for a (rather costly) browse. Next on our list was Wahaca for Mexican and although our search for Tamales remains unfulfilled we loved the black bean and corn stuffed Tortillas and spicy Mole sauces. This is a bright and friendly restaurant, perfect for all ages and willing to cater for less chile ripened palates.
    Other great places to stop at are the gorgeous Paul Smith store (maybe not the best place for tired tinies) with its modern/retro interface- wooden glass fronted storage a la gentleman's store filled with esoteric items from all over.
    The Piazza is a great place for children with the constant and ever changing presence of street entertainers- comedians, living statues, balloon artists and such. They all engage with children and donations are strictly voluntary. They will not shake a hat in your faces.
    Final stop, the small branch of The Disney Store. Hallucinogenic in its colour and displays, be prepared for the kids to morph into heat seeking missiles in here, darting from display to display in this orgy of fun consumerism.

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