Bradley's Spanish Bar


Bradley's Spanish Bar is a hidden little gem, tucked away in Hanway Street, just of Oxford Street. For over 50 years we've been serving beers and other refreshments to travelers, locals, students and everything in between. Spread out over two floors, we're the perfect hangout to escape from the madness of Oxford Street while your other half is shopping, get away from the exam stress or just to have a good time and meet some new friends.

Our pride and joy and centerpiece of the bar is the jukebox, one of the very few left that still play vinyl records. Elsewhere on this site you can find the songs that are currently on the selection. So next time you come in, you can already choose your selection at home.

Please note that we don't serve food and the bar is pretty small, so we don't reserve tables. Just come early and ' claim' your spot...

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