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Superman Ltd.

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Superman Ltd. is a removals company which gives you so much more for your money.Call us now 02087464417 or visit www.superman.org.uk , Our low prices are an additional bonus when you're hiring our top quality man and a van removals team. Say for instance, you find yourself a bargain in a shop or on the internet but need a delivery solution which won't break the bank.We are the moving company for every occasion. Once you know how low it costs to use us for your home move or office move, like so many of our previous satisfied clients and you can become a regular customer.Our helpful advisors are there for you whenever you need them.

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  • paulineallen

    22-Aug-2016 Report

    If I'd never heard about Super man Ltd. I know my student removals would have been a disaster. But my moving day with them went amazing. They were able to complete my entire move for me and I was smiling the whole time. This is a great service that I recommend you look into.

  • ameliamorgan

    11-May-2016 Report

    Super man Ltd. helped me trough a pretty difficult house moving process. They took care of enormous load including a number of boxes, a few heavy appliances and some bulky furniture. Amazing team!

  • philhill

    21-Sep-2015 Report

    We received a wonderful student moving service from a local company called Man With A Van Removals. I didn't realise they covered this type of move but glad they did. The workers were professional and did a wonderful job of getting my son's possessions moved to his new accommodation which as a fair distance away. The load was shared with others but nothing got misplaced or broken. The cost was good too!

  • EuniceJordan

    24-Jun-2015 Report

    I have lots of problems with my back, and I really struggle with heavy lifting that won't cause me an injury. When it came to my house move I knew I'd need a hand, so I contacted Man With A Van Removals. Their movers worked quickly and used the right techniques and care for safe lifting and transportation. Nothing got broken, everything was handled cautiously and I couldn't be happier with the service!

  • JeraldAndrews

    27-Apr-2015 Report

    Man With A Van Removals and their services are highly recommended and the entire removal service was incredible from start to finish! On the phone their staff took me through what they had to offer and gave me a really personal service at a fantastic price. When it comes to the time to move again, I'll no doubt be giving them call.

  • DickShone

    27-Mar-2015 Report

    Moving house is easy when you choose the right company, believe me. I have moved many times over the last 10 years and each one was as stressful as the other, so much so, if I were to be told moving is easy I would have probably said, “ don't be ridiculous” but I now understand the importance of finding the best help around because this time I moved with a different company Man with a Van Removals. Although I'm not planning on moving ever again, if I did move let's just say that I would hire them again, they were so much better.

  • MarleneHill

    12-Feb-2015 Report

    I was only moving, literally to the next street. Yet, it was just too far to carry everything even with the help of friends and family so I had to hire a man and van from Man With A Van Removals. They did the job exceptionally well. The two young men had two flights of stairs to go up and down at my old place and one flight of stairs at my new place. It was done in a fantastically good time and I'm so pleased I took the decision to hire a man and van and especially this company. I would suggest to anyone out else out there who is in a similar position and who needs a man and van, this company won't let you down.

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