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Marble Arch Removals

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MarblearchRemovals.co.uk is a well established company based in the heart of Marble Arch. We specialize in offering home removals services, office building removals services, packaging services, and storage services. We offer services throughout the city of London, UK, and internationally as well. We have offices spread all over the country and in the EU that helps us collaborate well and offer a wide network of connections so that our customers can benefit from their relocation to faraway places. We are a company that is small enough in size to enable it to take extra care of each customer's needs while also being big enough to cope with the ever increasing demands of our customers and the industry's higher expectations for quality.

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  • carltonvargas

    07-Apr-2016 Report

    My friends and I have lived together for years and we recently came to the decision that we needed a bigger house. We gave Marble Arch Removals a call. Their moving team were able to complete the move one without our help, so everything went well. They managed to pack everything, carry it without dropping anything and quickly drove it to our new house.

  • charlenestokes

    07-Apr-2016 Report

    Marble Arch Removals were great when they came to help my elderly mother move house.They also chatted with her as they worked and really put her at ease during what could have been a very stressful time for her. They even had a little pep-talk with her budgie! I live miles away and couldn't take the time off work to be with her, so I was extremely concerned that she should be in good hands.

  • HildaJimenez

    01-Jun-2015 Report

    Marble Arch Removals were wonderful when I downsized recently. I had sold and donated what I didn't want to move so there wasn't a lot to move. These lovely people did a super move and the charge was very reasonable.

  • MattieRay

    18-Mar-2015 Report

    It was about half an hour into the move when I decided that I agreed with all of the good things which I had heard about Marble Arch Removals before I hired them. I was on the lookout for a company which could make my life easier and that's exactly what I found. They worked hard and definitely went a step further than I was used to in order to make sure that everything was moved safely and soundly from the old house to the new one. They'll be the first company who I call next time I need help, definitely.

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