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Paddington Removals know that leaving your address and venturing to a new abode is a big step in life. It will give you the chance to experience many things and experiences that can come from a new residence. Whatever you are looking for you should know that we care here to help you with your transition, offering all the services, tips and advice you could need. A different home can allow you more room to expand your family, give you more space for storage or permit you to add more rooms such as an office, a nursery or whatever you need. The area is very important because the vicinity can bring new places to explore, new things to try and different people to meet.

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  • wesleypowell

    07-Apr-2016 Report

    I called up Paddington Removals because I had heard good things about them. They quickly assured me that their moving team could do things for me and so reduce all the hassle. Their movers quickly packed up everything in the house and had them carried onto their vehicles. I want to give them all my thanks.

  • HarrySimon

    01-Jun-2015 Report

    I was moving out of the family home after my split with my wife and needed a removal company to ship my belongings into my new apartment. I used Paddington Removals as I had heard good reviews about them. They were really efficient. The removal went well and the final bill was really fair.

  • TylerEvans

    18-Mar-2015 Report

    Great service once again from the team at Paddington Removals. They were hired to help with my brother's move and after being there on the day and seeing what they were capable of, I had no compunctions about giving them a call when I wanted to move myself. They were always incredibly pleasant to deal with and even in this day and age, it's nice to know that not everywhere has forgotten how to provide really good customer service. After I was settled into the new home, I realised how simple everything had been and I wanted to say thanks.

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