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MovingTo.org.uk is a professional and reliable removals company which caters to all of our clients who require quick and efficient relocation services to enable them to relocate their belongings without the unnecessary fuss, hassle and inconveniences that you may come across when you relocate with some less professional and inexperienced moving teams or should you take the risk of taking on the move yourself. Hiring the professionals to do a job for you is always the smarter option, providing of course that the firm really is as professional as they state. A professional company, such as ours, can really make a difference to the way that you feel and the quality of the end result after they have provided you with a product or service.

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  • dalejohnson

    13-Sep-2016 Report

    I found Moving to online and after reading so many praises about their skilled crew I hired their man and van service. They surely deserve all the positive response that they get. They are most efficient, reliable and cheap. Their van was fully equipped and made for a smooth move. Overall, I'm very happy about my decision to hire them. I will recommend it to anyone to hire them for any relocation service.

  • harrietduncan

    10-Jun-2016 Report

    I used a student removals company last year and had been really disappointed with what was an expensive and unprofessional service. A friend told me that Moving to were a better choice so I decided to give professional moving services one more shot. I was delighted with the help I got from the mover, and the van was a good size too. Best of all was the price, which was very cheap. I am glad to have found a reliable moving company that isn't expensive. I'll book again next year!

  • claireleee

    18-Mar-2016 Report

    I used Moving to because I was moving out of high-rise flats.The price was affordable and none of my belongings was lost or damaged. It was really good to see that I had hired a professional company for the price I paid and when I told a mate about the move he said I was well lucky.

  • MaggieSimons

    27-Jan-2016 Report

    I would like to thank everyone at Moving to for the invaluable help during our move. They were very responsive and happy to assist with everything. What I personally really liked is that they are upfront with the costs and give you full estimate of the price of the service. Plus, scheduling an appointment is pretty easy. They packed everything and even provided disassembly and reassembly of furniture. You couldn't ask for a better removals company.

  • HopeSteele

    07-May-2015 Report

    I think the best moving experience I have ever had was last weekend. I would like to suggest that Moving to are the best moving company whom I have had the pleasure of working with and certainly the one who I have found most helpful to hire. Their team were friendly, their staff pleasant and their prices low. I would struggle to think of a way in which I would improve their service.

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