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Blackfriars Removals


When you are in need of a vehicle somewhere between a car and a lorry, it sound like the vehicle you might be looking for is a van. Our removals van is perfect for a whole range of tasks and its size means that it is much better at making its way through traffic, manoeuvring through tight spots and parking in spaces which would be impossible for a lorry. Blackfriars Removals give you a whole range of van related solutions to your problems and we like to make sure that whatever we are offering meets your needs exactly.

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  • jackmax

    24-Mar-2016 Report

    I liked working with Blackfriars Removals because they were fast and they didn't charge a lot. I hired them for a recent house moving project and I was pleasantly surprised by their affordable rates. The team completed the job in only two hours and they didn't charge me a fortune. Great company!

  • DomingoBishop

    12-Aug-2015 Report

    I hired Blackfriars Removals to do the unpacking when we moved. We had a lot of stuff with 4 of us so I wanted some extra help to unpack in our new home. This company did a great job and took care when unpacking our things. The bill was inexpensive and the service excellent. The packing rubbish was even taken away. Great work thanks!

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