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Hyde Park Removals

Central London

When it comes to moving home, many people are often surprised by the cost of traditional removals services. Without knowing any other option, they assume that the only way to obtain quality, expert help when moving home comes at a large cost, for a service which does not entirely suit their needs. There is, however, another way. At Hyde Park Removals, we believe our Hyde Park man and van is ideal for those who are looking for help with a small to medium sized move; expert help which does not come at a cost. Our solution provides you with a cost effective and simple manner in which to move home, giving your all the benefits of larger professional services, but without the costs.

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  • LillianHops

    24-Mar-2016 Report

    We are pretty experienced in moving, but this time we needed to take with us some pretty expensive and large furniture pieces. That is why we were a bit preoccupied when we needed to entrust our valuables in the hands of the guys from Hyde Park Removals. However, they were very careful with our furniture and secured it well. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I'm pleasantly surprised by this man and van team.

  • RosaDiazzzz

    13-Aug-2015 Report

    What a great help the unpacking was that Hyde Park Removals provide when you are moving. I have moved many times and this was a service that was worth paying for. It didn't cost a lot and was done much quicker than I could have done! The packing supplies were of a good quality and it saved me having to source them. Thanks so much for a useful service I will be passing on your name to those I know who are on the move and need some help.

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