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London Man with a Van Ltd


It's common knowledge that moving house can really take a lot out of you, and if you're moving to a new home then you're probably already feeling the pressures of such a dramatic lifestyle change. Not only do you have packing to worry about, but you might also have to consider what vehicle you'll use to move with, who can help you lift your heavy items, whether or not you need help with packing, and many other issues that can crop up without proper planning for your moving day. If you're looking to be prepared, calm and collected on your moving day then you should hire London Man with a Van Ltd! Call us on 02087469691 or visit our website at www.londonmanwithavan.co for more information!

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  • JoyHampton

    22-Aug-2016 Report

    I have heard that relocation services were too expensive and unreliable. But on the contrary, the company I hired was very good in their work and the price was also affordable. London Man with a Van had a team of movers and packers who did all the packing, loading and unloading of the items. Thanks once again! They came to my rescue when I had to move my goods from the University accommodation back to my countryside home. Being a student I had a very limited budget but they helped me move the goods at a reasonable rate. Keep up the good work!

  • nickmarkss

    12-May-2016 Report

    London Man with a Van gave me lots of help with my moving day thanks to their man with a van hire. I rented a van that was big enough for my belongings, and got the help of a mover to assist me with moving furniture and loading the van. A really good service and very affordable for the quality!

  • KarenJameskj

    26-Jun-2015 Report

    I'm terrible at packing, and no matter how careful I am I always manage to end up with a box of smashed plates or fragile items! I decided to move the proper way with the help of London Man with a Van, and they helped me out with their packing service. They did a great job and everything was packed up in no time. I was really happy with the results, and moving was made so much easier! If you hate packing, this is the company to call!

  • AlbertaAdams

    29-Apr-2015 Report

    I was provided with an excellent and hard working team of removal experts that quickly went to work and got my items packed, loaded up and moving in no time at all. The movers were very careful with my belongings and worked tirelessly to get the job done so that we were able to leave within my allotted time slot. I'd most definitely recommend London Man with a Van.

  • BertaCarter

    30-Mar-2015 Report

    London Man with a Van exceeded all of my expectations. I wasn't sure about hiring a company to help with my home removals at first but the work they did impressed me. Each of their employees was helpful and hard working and so the job was done quickly. My goods were safely carried and transported between my addresses, so I got the perfect move. I never knew a removal company could do so much for me, so I shall endeavor to recommend them to everyone.

  • CarrieOlson

    26-Feb-2015 Report

    There's a lot to be said for a company which can make your life this much easier. I've moved home in the past and it's never been quite this easy. Whether it's one thing or another, something has always gone wrong. So this time we hired in London Man with a Van and were very impressed. From the moment they turned up on the driveway, they were totally in control and knew exactly what it was that they had to do. This kind of expertise makes it easy to recommend them and the help which they provided really did set us at ease.

  • MarlonColeman

    13-Feb-2015 Report

    I am so, so happy I hired London Man with a Van. They did such a wonderful job, I kind of knew they would because my initial dealings with them were so professional and they seemed to know about how to take care of everything, much of which I hadn't a clue about. They arrived on time and this was early on in the morning because I was moving over 250 miles away. They loaded everything very efficiently and had obviously done it many, many times before. I don't have a bad thing to say about this removal firm in fact and always recommend them to others whenever anyone asks about such things.

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