Koya - Udon house


Noodle Saves Planet!

This is a modern Japanese proverb. You will understand the meaning of it, if you come to know how much the Japanese love this food and how special the noodle is for the nation. Their love and affection toward this food is endless.

From the late 90s, Udon has become extremely popular, which all started with the discovery of Udon from a region called Sanuki on a remote island in Japan.

The heart of Sanuki Udon lies in its simplicity. Light, but profoundly deep. Sanuki people often eat freshly cooked Udon noodle with only a drop of soy sauce. It is this simplicity, which demands intrigue and endless attention for these noodles.

Coupling the simple, healthy and traditional Sanuki Udon with the elegant broth (Dashi), combined with a dash of originality, is a small Udon restaurant in the heart of London - called KOYA.

Unfortunately we can not take reservations.

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