Hypnotherapy & Nutrition for Weight Loss


5 Session Hypnotherapy/Nutritional Therapy Weight Loss Programme with Hypnotherapist David Lewis and Nutritional Therapist Simona Novakovic.

This Hypnotherapy/Nutritional therapy Weight Loss Programme is as follows:

Appointment 1: Combined Mind/Body Appointment with Hypnotherapist & Nutritional therapist. Goal setting and history take 90 mins.
Appointment 2: Hypnotherapy for weight loss. 50 mins.
Appointment 3: Nutritional Therapy. Personalised Diet Plan & Lifestyle Programme, Recipes and Shopping Ideas. 60 min
Appointment 4: Hypnotherapy: Focus on relapse prevention. 50 mins.
Appointment 5: Nutritional therapy. Progress monitoring and final adjustments. 60 mins.

Please do be in touch if you have any questions or queries or if you would like to book your 5 session programme.

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