Tumble Tots

Stratton St Margaret

Three years to school age
Sessions now focus on even more challenging task sequences with the use of higher pieces of equipment. As the more confident child now participates on his/her own, tasks are designed to further develop a child's co-ordination, ball skills, body awareness and control.
Children are able to learn from past experiences.
Enjoy companionship of other children and play cooperatively.
Take on more responsibilities and may appear more confident and self-assured.
Continue to develop child's motor skills and confidence without parental support.
Taught how to remember sequences of activities and break new challenges down into manageable tasks.
Importance is placed on co-operation as child is taught how to respect others and be supportive when others need help.
Creativity is stimulated as he recalls and joins in with action songs.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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