Post natal depression study

County wide

Post Natal Depression Study

Are you eligible to take part?
- Aged over 18?
- Planning to deliver locally?
- No existing mental health concerns?
If you have answered YES to all three then you are eligible to support this study.

The University of Warwick has carried out research which suggests there may be genetic reasons why some mums develop PND. If this is the case we could predict which mums may be more at risk of developing the illness, earlier support and monitoring could reduce the impact on the whole family.

Warwick Hospital, working with The University of Warwick is carrying out further research that will help develop the test. It will ultimately be available for women to do themselves in late pregnancy.

If you are 20-27 weeks pregnant and would like to take part contact Jan Phipps, Research Midwife.
T: 07768 368 840 E:

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