5 Sense Thai Day Spa


The 5 Senses Spa is an authentic Thai Day Spa close to the city centre of York but a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

2,000 years ago it was believed that a spa was a place that should be more than a retreat – it was considered to be a place to nurture your mind and body. Here at the 5 Senses Spa we have created a welcoming and relaxing environment for you to enjoy the fundamental principle of SPA. The scent of lemongrass perfumes the air, the mood lighting and the music which are all set to be welcoming are a precursor of the fabulous treatments to come. The fragrance of specially home made blended oils, herbs and spices fills the air so your body and mind immediately relax in anticipation of the exotic experience that awaits. Ancient Thai rituals using native herbs, spices and aromatic oils inspire our extraordinary range of 5 Senses Spa treatments.

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