Help to overcome binge eating and bulimia

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If you're suffering with binge eating or bulimia you're not alone. Statistics underestimate how many people this affects because they often don't talk about it.

If thoughts of food fill every moment of your day (and often half the night!) or you're caught in the cycle of: binge > purge or starve > binge, your eating disorder is stealing your life and time you can never get back.

You may feel you've ‘tried everything' and are now resigned to binge eating or having bulimia but it doesn't have to be like this - you can choose to take control of your relationship with food now and for the rest of your life.
How do I know? because I was once in your shoes.

I'll help you put an end to binge eating and support you in your recovery.

To talk about recovery therapy contact me, Emily Robson, on 0790 431 8600 or send me an email. All communication is in the strictest confidence.

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