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TinyTalk is coming to Angus!

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logansmummy1 Thu 27-May-10 17:45:12


TinyTalk is coming to Angus!

Do you want to take your baby (from newborn) to classes where:
* Everyone involved has fun!
* Through baby sign language you can give your baby a means to begin to understand everything, thus encouraging early speech.
* You can strengthen your baby-parent/carer understanding and bond.
* You can use baby signing to reduce frustration, to boost self-esteem and self-confidence for yourself and your baby.
* You can have a blether whilst enjoying a cuppa and a biscuit with people in your situation
* You pay only £4 per session??

Then TinyTalk is for You!!

I will be starting classes in Angus in September but want to go where the demand is. So email me if you'd be interested and I can find a venue in your area!


Cookie1982 Sat 25-Sep-10 09:59:00

Message deleted

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