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SLR4 Mon 02-Jul-12 12:48:45


I have just moved to Finchley and I am 15 weeks pregnant. I am completey new to the area. Is there anyone who lives nearby?
Thanks, Sarah

MrsLatcher Thu 02-Aug-12 13:36:56

I do but mine are 1.5 and 4. There is a bumps and babies meet up every Thursday morning at arts depot run by NCT which would be good for meeting people

bereadytoparent Thu 02-Aug-12 18:47:07

Antenatal classes starting from September in Finchley N3.

I am a mother to a busy toddler and 1 year old identical twin girls. I trained in London and have worked as a paediatrician in most of the North and Central London teaching hospitals.

Classes run over 7 evenings before the birth and one morning postnatally.
Joint working with Jan Harrison, Babycare consultant and Tracey McGrath, midwife and breastfeeding supporter, to name a few.
In addition to what is normally covered by antenatal classes, this course covers paediatric first aid, navigating NHS services, time for birth partners, practical tips on parenthood and more.
Mini-talks from other childcare professionals including a physiotherapist.
Postnatal drop-in with Tracey, Jan and myself.
Please contact me for further information:

Kisseleva Fri 03-Aug-12 15:29:48

Hi, I'm 30 weeks pregnant and going to move to woodside park from north finchley in 2 weeks. Don't know the area as well, but looking now for yoga classes and swimming pool. Join...))))

mklondon Thu 16-Aug-12 14:29:34


we live in west finchley just off ballards lane and looking for a family to do nanny share with . I have a 9 month old daughter . Looking for someone full time


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