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Horse world, anyone been?

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nowit Sun 17-Apr-11 22:11:07

Thinking about taking the kids, is it any good?

Malkuth Sun 17-Apr-11 22:17:29

It's ok. They have a really good membership deal at the moment though which makes it great! My kids pretty much ignore the horses and head straight for the soft play bit which is pretty small. If you live close enough to visit 2 or 3 times then I would say go for the membership and enjoy it. If you have to make a special trip and will only go once I would head for Puxton Park instead.

Malkuth Sun 17-Apr-11 22:20:37

Forgot to ask, how old are your kids and how many do you have? Kids under 3 are free I think. Membership for 1 adult and up to 3 kids is currently £17.50 for 12 months but if your kids are under 3 and you live in B&NES get a Discovery card and it will just cost you under £4 as the card gets you a 50% discount.

youngjoly Mon 18-Apr-11 12:03:08

My kids enjoyed it. They're 7 and 4.

nowit Mon 18-Apr-11 21:08:51

Thanks Malkuth, well we went today and got the membership.
All in, it was a pretty good day. As you said, the kids skipped the horses and went straight to play but we spent 4 hours there (the weather helped) won't have been to happy if i had paid the £20+ for just one day, but £17 for a year is pretty good. Where is Puxton?
I have 3 dc's 7, 4 and 2... now, what to do tomorrow argh!

Malkuth Tue 19-Apr-11 09:01:29

Puxton Park- out towards Weston-Super-Mare. Not sure which side of Bath you are on so may be a bit of a trek. Bradford-on-Avon is good for a free day out. Things to look at and a bit of river you can paddle in. We are Horseworlding today. I will get them to at least acknowledge the animals!!

nowit Tue 19-Apr-11 12:21:32

Thanks looks good, but a bit of a trek. We are norton-radstock way.
Decided to make dens in the garden and make hot-cross buns instead. Feel like super-mum not at all trying to make up for never being here

1gglePiggle Tue 19-Apr-11 12:30:41

Bath city farm is good, and it's free! You can see lambs, pigs and feed the chickens! Nice picnic area too with a view across bath.
The play scheme is there tomorrow 12-3 and they do lots of activities for the kids, face painting etc.

nowit Tue 19-Apr-11 13:06:26

Good shout 1ggle, never been there before but have heard good things.

kellestar Tue 19-Apr-11 20:17:08

bath city farm is nice, also victoria park is great to let the kids let off steam. It's also nice for a walk around, you could take some newspaper and make boats and see if they float It's nice to go a little out of the area for something different, they get a bit fed up seeing the same places/parks etc all the time.

I assume you've been up to the Silver Street S&D Heritage Centre, 23/24 April they have an easter egg hunt which is quite nice, went last year with neice. Also 29 May teddy bears picnic which MiL took neice.

Bradford on Avon is nice for a wander, a few nice spots to picnic by the river's edge.

It's also Mells daffodil festival on Monday. Busy but nice for the family. Cracking Hog Roast!

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