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Good baby pools in Bolton?!

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GiggidyGiggidy Sat 07-Jan-12 21:40:54

I am interested in taking my 8 month old swimming, but I don't know where to start!! Does anybody recommend a pool where I can just let her play and splash about? Or do I have to do a course such as waterbabies? If so does anybody have any recommendations?!

KrissieJules Thu 19-Jan-12 01:49:04

Jubilee pool on Tennyson Street is brill for babies!

They do parent and tot sessions almost everyday for £2.30, the pool is especially heated as it's used for disabled swimmers x

lazymonkeyface Tue 06-Mar-12 11:49:27


Do you have a telephone number for Jubilee pool? I was told it was only open to the public on weekends?

GhastlyBespoke Thu 15-Mar-12 09:12:03

Jubilee pool - 01204 334443.

lazymonkeyface Mon 19-Mar-12 14:55:17

Thanks, I went last monday. Two adult and a six month old 1 hour swimming for £3.40. Bargin

KrissieJules Thu 22-Mar-12 22:04:53

it is VERY good value!

I went to Horwich, it was cold and cost us £7.90 for mum, dad and baby!

shapoopie Wed 02-Jan-13 23:53:26

jubilee is a brill pool, we do waterbabies there but we have also been for a splash about there too. the staff are friendly and it is always warm, perfect for little babies. make sure you take a changing mat if you are going when its busy!

KrissieJules Thu 07-Mar-13 00:42:28

Chorley is also great - a little expensive perhaps.

On weekends they have a big water fountain and a bubble pool

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