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What is Downend like for young families?

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TillyEaston Thu 25-Feb-16 20:07:05

Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Downend. We are moving there from BS5. We chose the area because we wanted more space, bigger garden and a less urban feel. I am now getting a bit worried as I only ever seem to see pensioners walking around the high street! Are there many families in the area? Does it feel too far out from town? Any advice/ info on the area would be great.

cleoteacher Sun 01-May-16 22:04:22

We used to live in downend. There are lots of families there, many move there as the schools around are good. However there's not much going on. A few shops/pubs is all. not a lot of toddler or baby groups. But lovely walks.

cleoteacher Sun 01-May-16 22:05:32

It's quite far out from the city centre,yes. But easy access to the m32 and other motorways and quick to get to bath and countryside.

WheresMyBrandy Sun 01-May-16 22:10:47

It's great. Good schools, parks, firework show, kids stuff, walks, nearish the cycle track, Emersons green is nice, Frenchay isn't far and there's a lovely pub there with a great beer garden, staplehill highstreet isn't the best but you can get a decent kebab, think there's a 24hr shop, Iceland is surprisingly good and bits and bobs shop. Me and the dc walk into fishponds quite a lot and catch the bus back and it's close to the ring road and motorway. Dead easy to get to bath as well. Can you tell I like it wink

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