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Let's talk about yoga and hula hooping

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Yellokat Sat 06-Oct-12 13:40:59

Hello forum!

Just moving to Bromley on Monday, very excited! I now have a fabulous garden to hula hoop and do yoga. Just wondering if anyone else enjoys either and if you would consider meeting up. I am total beginner as far as yoga is concerned, but I've been hooping for the last 3 years. So maybe a skill exchange? ;)

Also wondering how many people have actually considered hula hooping as an alternative exercise? Personally I hate running and when I realised the benefits of hooping, I thought this could be every mum's dream. I think this video explains it really well:

Looking forward to your input! (Hope this post makes it! smile

yuliya99 Sun 04-Nov-12 07:57:33

Where about in Bromley are you?

Welcome :-)

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