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Moving NYC-Brussels in Aug. 2013 with 3.5 year old twins. Help Me.

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Pufferandthebabyfish Wed 19-Jun-13 21:55:04

Hello Ladies,

I found this website a few days ago and have read every single post I could find about Brussels and schools, housing, etc.
Nevertheless, I'm completely overwhelmed and a bit lost.

(1) Work will be in Ixelles btween Bailli (tram/bus?) stop and Vieurgat on Tunnel Baili--all according to Google Maps

(2) Work will also involve going to La Hulpe and flying out to other EU cities and London.

(3) Children would benefit from French immersion but I'm well aware that my chances of securing two spaces in a maternelle in a good school are about as good as winning the lottery.

(4) Children do not like big crowds and are a bit shy so perhaps, given the size of the classes (25 kids?) in maternelle this would not be a good 1st fit for them anyway?

(5) We are willing to pay for a private school the first year in order to get into A school. We prefer a Waldorf/play-based school setting. English/French is OK, but must be some French to get them learning.

(6) Is it true that I need to secure a school space before even bothering to look for housing???

(7) I found a school in Waterloo that I adore so far, but no desire to live that far out. Anywhere we could live that we could get to the Waterloo train station from Brussels (without driving?). Ha Ha. I know, crazy thought.

(8) We go for our recon visit in early July. Will I be able to visit ANY schools or will they all be closed?

Sorry this is so long, but we just found out about the job today and things are moving at breakneck speed.
Thanks for any and all help!!!

Wonderdaddy Wed 25-Sep-13 23:16:12

Just saw this now, surprised you didn't get any answers - I found the Brussels group very helpful. So if there are still any questions, well feel free to ask twice!

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