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Single Parent Moving to Brussels

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user1469910385 Sun 31-Jul-16 09:31:55

Hi There

Please could someone help.

I have accepted a job offer and will be moving from London to Belgium at the end of October. The company will be putting me in touch with a relocation agency. But thought I'd start the process as it could be a while until they get back to me. Also, I was told if you get a good agent you are very lucky. So I thought if I can do my research beforehand then all I need to do is tell them and ensure there is a maternal which is attached to a primary school so there is no stress moving him up if I am still here in a few years.

Yes, I will be moving my son who will be 4yrs old in November and I would like to put him in a local school where he can eventually pick up the languages in French / Dutch.

My priority is sorting the school out then the area. I was thinking Stockel and have been told there is a school called Ecole Communale De Stockel. Therefore,I could possibly live in Woluve st Pierre.
Has anyone heard of this school. Are your children in the maternal or the primaire there? Or do you have any other recommendations.

I need to also ensure that I can get to Vilvoorde so I can start work at a reasonable time. I checked the timetables for connection and it could be anywhere from 37mins plus depending of the direction I go.

I will not not have a car when I move over. So transport is a must. I would like a 2bed and my budget is 800/ 900€ incl charges if possible.

I have read the blogs, but many of the communications are quite old and I expect a lot has changed in 4 years. Especially with the schools as I understand teach both languages in the schools.

I would like to be able to enjoy my life although i know it will be just him and me. But my priority is settling him into a maternalle to start in November.

Thanks in advance

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