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Thinking of moving to godmanchester, advice needed

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eviesbluemoon Mon 07-Sep-15 22:19:17

Hoping someone can help answer my many questions - will try and keep it short! We're thinking of moving out of central Cambridge where we rent to godmanchester. We've seen a house we'd like to buy. I've got an 18-month old who will need to go into nursery 3 days a week. As much as I'd love to buy in Cambridge it's just not feasible and there are not many properties for sale in the neighbouring villages.

My questions are:
A) is there much to do in godmanchester, esp with an 18-month-old?
B) what are the nurseries like?
C) is it a youngish village/town?
D) is it easy to meet other parents?
E) is the commute into Cambridge easy - I know driving at peak hour can be a pain but what are the public transport options? (I work in Cambridge)

I'm a bit nervous about the move and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Tracy

kellyjane04 Sat 18-Mar-17 07:48:54

hi did you ever get any responses??? im moving there soon and feeling the same!!

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