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South Africa to Cambridge

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Justcandee Mon 20-Mar-17 12:33:59

Hi ladies,

Please help. We are moving from SA to Cambridge in May this year. I have visited the UK a few years back but only for a few weeks.

From what I have read, Cambourne is a lovely village to settle in due to the good schools, facilities ect and is still easy access to Cambridge, where my husband will be working.

We have 2 young boys (aged 3 and 4).

Can anyone recommend a better area or comment on Cambourne.


fenlander Mon 27-Mar-17 10:27:00

Hi Cambourne is more of a small town, but I like it a lot, it is very nice but it is a new town (3 large villages put together). Good schools, facilities etc. Reality it's not that easy to get to Cambridge, the traffic is rotten - it can take an hour to get into the City during rush hour. On the other side you will get more for your money. If you want more of a village village but still plenty of amenities Papworth may be more suitable - literally opposite side of the A428 (one mile from Cambourne). If the commute is key, you need to be closer to Cambridge, but then the house prices go up. Comberton, Hardwick, Coton etc. All the big villages are pretty well served this side of Cambridge, and all the schools are excellent. Good luck with the move.

Justcandee Mon 27-Mar-17 11:03:41

thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated

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