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Brook House Nursery Rhiwbina

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Medley007 Mon 22-Apr-13 10:42:01

Hi folks,
I hope this works - 1st time trying 2 use mumsnet!
My son - just turned 3 - is at Brook House and he really enjoys it. He always eats his food there (not at home!), comes home full of beans & clearly loves it.
I have always found the staff, especially Susan (Manageress), to be extremely helpful & accommodating. I'm particularly grateful for that as I'm freelance & so work can be very last minute & hectic, yet they will always help when I need it.
I was very surprised to read a poor review, but as it was based solely on one taster session I think it was possibly unfair. It's perfectly normal for children to react that way when settling in to any nursery, and doesn't necessarily reflect poorly on the establishment.
I hope this helps those who may be considering Brook House for their children! :-)

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