Moving to Cardiff, recommendations on areas and nurseries please

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relocate2Where Wed 05-Feb-14 12:36:32


We will be moving to Cardiff in April, from (greater)London. DH wiill be working in Newport and I work from home. DD will be 3 in May. She goes to a Montessori pre-school for 3 days and a day-nursery for two days at the moment.

It is a big change for us and I am pretty clueless on where to start.
I have never been to Cardiff neither has DH. Bristol seems further away from Newport, so, we have decided to move to Cardiff

I would be very grateful for recommendations on Nice,safe areas to live (3 bedroom flat/house )and
your views on nurseries and/or (Montessori) pre-schools


goldenhand Thu 27-Feb-14 23:44:37

relocate - thanks for the Steiner info.
How did your visit go?

relocate2Where Sun 09-Mar-14 14:25:52

Thanks everyone for your helpful responses. Really appreciate it.

As it happens though, somewhat unexpectedly, DH decided to continue with his current employer, due to a combination of factors. So, not moving to Cardiff, at least for now.It was all a bit chaotic for a couple of weeks, making the decision or rather changing the decision that we had made already.We had given notice at the property we are renting at the moment and viewings had started. Luckily, no one had made an offer yet.

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