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Private treatment for spd in or near Cardiff

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90sgirl Sun 26-Apr-15 20:47:56

Hi all. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for physios/chiropractors or osteopaths in the area who treat spd /pgp. Have had exercise classes from nhs physio but no one to one, and at 35 weeks pregnant it's getting worse. Have realised I have cover for a small amount of private treatment through work, but don't know where to start, even which of the 3 professions would be best!

MTR42 Mon 27-Apr-15 07:14:04

Hi. I'm in cardiff too. 39+3w

I went for a fab pregnancy massage with Nicola Ruth in Cathedral Road last week. I had hip pain which she sorted out. Maybe try her?

90sgirl Mon 27-Apr-15 13:19:13

Thanks. Will look at her.

ley66 Sat 07-May-16 11:35:06

Hi did you ever find good treatment for your spd in cardiff? X

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