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Mums and Toddler Groups

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LisaMS Tue 09-Sep-08 13:46:10

I am trying to find a Mums and Toddler group in the Northwich area that runs on either a Thursday or Friday Morning, that will catter for a 9 mth old and a 3 year old. Can anyone recommend a good one?

Charlene1 Tue 09-Sep-08 22:56:42

Ooh yes - there's ones at Wincham Community centre (the best one!!); Winnington (St John's church) and Hartford (village hall)if they are still going!!! Also Victoria Rd school had one, pub on Kingsmead used to have a small one - not sure about Leftwich - Davenham had one, Joe crows play centre, Lostock as well. Have a look on - they have listings, but there are loads!!!

maddening Thu 16-Aug-12 16:22:07

I go to farm tots which runs on a tuesday, wednesday and friday - would be best suited to your older dc though there are mums with an older dc and a younger one - there's a lovely play area you can use afterwards with loads of ride-ons and a cafe

maddening Thu 16-Aug-12 16:22:36

it's nr davenham

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