Hi mums, I'm new to the site - where does everyone come from?

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Heygo Mon 14-Nov-11 00:29:25

Hello I am very much a newbie to mumsnet! I am from the Antrim area and wondering where everyone comes from?
Are there ever meetups during the day or weekend days?

I hope this message sends ok and i hope to chat soon to everyone.
All the best.

TeeTsarina Mon 14-Nov-11 06:19:39

Hi Heygo

Nice to meet you. I live in Belfast.

I've been trying to set up a meet up for ages but there just doesn't seem to be any interest! The 'Tsarina' in my nickname means I volunteer to do such things on behalf of MN (although you don't have to be a Tsarina to arrange one, of course! smile).

We did have the beginnings of a group about year ago, and had a fab Christmas dinner meet up, sans kids, but everyone just sort of evaporated after that!

My regular talk nickname is Tee2072, hope to see you around!

SnoozleDoozle Tue 15-Nov-11 19:18:00

I'm not far from Antrim myself. I do check out the 'local' part of the site fairly regularly, but as Tee says, it tends to be a bit....er.....slow. Maybe we need to drum up some interest.....hand out flyers or something!

Heygo Tue 15-Nov-11 23:51:59

Hi girls it's so lovely to get replies! I used to go on another mums site a while back and you are both very right- people either evaporate and things are very slow.

I would love to help out with some meets!would be lovely to get to know other mums out there and the idea of a night out too sounds fun!lol

I am just about getting used to this site but I found the way back to here- so that's a start ;)

Speak soon

mandyj1977 Tue 10-Jan-12 14:58:19

i'm from larne, just joined this 2day smile

TeeTsarina Tue 10-Jan-12 15:55:35

Hi all!

My MN New Years Resolution is to have a Co Antrim/Belfast Meet Up!

Who wants to help rally the troupes? Can we each try to start a talk thread at least once a week? Anyone?!?!

blondie80 Wed 11-Jan-12 09:25:39

'bout ye!

i'm from carrickfergus and have been a mnetter for quite a while, don't post that often though!

Talk soon smile

TeeTsarina Wed 11-Jan-12 11:20:55

Whoot! Let's get these boards moving!

TreacleSoda Thu 12-Jan-12 22:06:54

I used to be SnoozleDoozle but hated the name (chosen in a hurry because everything I tried seemed to be taken) so now I'm TreacleSoda. Just in case I post on the local boards and you all think we have a newbie....smile

Heygo Sat 21-Jan-12 00:25:09

Hi everyone!! Definately sounds good!! I'm moving in a month fingers crossed!! To Carrickfergus direction- so wud be really nice to get to know new mums.

alexandrasmum11 Wed 14-Mar-12 23:32:43

Im new to this im from carrickfergus

lynnef29 Wed 28-Mar-12 20:42:29

Hi! I'm a newbie and live in the antrim area. would be very keen to have a meet up so will keep checking! smile

Heygo Wed 11-Apr-12 00:03:33

Hi Lynne

I am in Antrim also. I'm a newbie on this site which shows as I never get on here much.

Heygo Wed 11-Apr-12 00:06:36

That message sent before I could finish lol. Any meetups would be lovely.

Speak later

Heygo Fri 20-Apr-12 08:32:49

Hi everyone. Where are you all! Thinking could arrange some sort of mertup?

Speak later.

jordanstownmum Sun 18-Nov-12 08:53:47

hey, im in jordanstown and ib be up for a meet :-)

Tammy1023 Thu 12-May-16 22:47:08

I'm new to your sight also but I'm here from Portland Oregon.so hello to everyone

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