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Torquay and Paignton

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squinny3 Mon 23-Jun-14 20:38:32

We are looking to move over the summer to either Torquay or Paignton. All threads I could find were very negative about what it's like to live there and several years old, and suggesting to move further away from the coast line.
Could any filter with young children tell me what it's like now? Any areas more suitable with 3 young kids (3,4,6)? Also schools????
And lastly, our boys are very sporty, playing rugby, tennis, football and gymnastics between them- anything available in the area?
I would really appreciate your help!!!

EggFlipped Tue 24-Jun-14 18:53:11

I don't live in Torquay or Paignton, but thought I'd try to tell you what little I can. I know some areas are definitely nicer than others.
Babbacombe, St Marychurch, Chelston etc nicer than Hele.
Paignton has a fantastic zoo, geopark play area and beach for the kids.
Torquay has beach, good soft play & Torquay Olympic gymnastics club.
If you want to go shopping, I'd get the train or drive to either Exeter or Plymouth, (unless you just want a bucket & spade and a glittery cowboy hat.)
Torquay grammar has a great reputation. I don't know about primaries, I'm afraid.
Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will be along to help you....

squinny3 Tue 24-Jun-14 22:35:40

Thank you, for taking time to respond that's a great start! Due to ages of boys primaries rather important but always good to know a good grammar there for later!
If anyone knows about catchment areas/ good primaries etc help would be appreciated!

Brixham01 Fri 04-Jul-14 17:13:59

Hi, we moved to Brixham in Jan 14, which is nearby. Brixham appeals to us as it is a bit smaller and seems to have a strong sense of community. Haven't researched primaries in full as our little one is a bit young yet, but all seem to have pretty good reps esp CofE. I live near Furzeham primary and will consider that as it also seems good / up and coming. There is so much for young boys to do down here - just get them outside, and easily! And all sea/water sports for when they get a bit older. So far we are quite happy even if it's been a dramatic change from West London!

Amidhewitt Wed 31-Aug-16 12:51:28

Hey mummies...I have just set this page up on Facebook in the hope of making some lovely new mummy friends in the Willows...if you or anyone you know lives there, would you kindly add yourselves or share this link please! Thanks lovelies xxx

wearerofmanyhats Sun 05-Feb-17 03:35:30

Hi we are thinking of moving to paignton or torquay or totnes. What is it like in terms or crime, schools, safety etc. Thanks

Tanito279 Sun 05-Feb-17 15:28:48

Hello, I live in Paignton with DD(3). There are parts of Torbay which are lovely and parts which are horrific. House prices and crime rates reflect this. The main primary school to avoid is Kings Ash. Old way is one of the best but it's also huge and has a secondary school feel. Shiphay primary in Torquay is lovely but oversubscribed. Ilsham has great results.
I grew up here, went to Bristol and then came back. There are the normal clubs her: swimming, ballet football etc but the options are limited compared to a city. Public transport, especially busses, are terrible. If you don't drive then you will struggle.
Totnes is lovely, I worked there for a while. It has a very "hippy" vibe which is embraced. If you make your own clothes out of hemp then you will fit in! That sounds like a terrible stereotype but Totnes-ians seem to like it.
Shopping wise, set your expectations low. Half of the shops in Torquay are empty, Paignton is surviving slightly better. Most of what is open in Torbay and Totnes is charity shops.
In the summer, tourists descend. A 20 walk in winter can take an hour in the summer due to sheer volume of pedestrians. Also some shops only open in the summer. Dogs can only go on the beach in winter.
That's a very brief overview, feel free to ask questions smile

wearerofmanyhats Thu 09-Feb-17 03:07:45

We have our heart set on totnes so hopefully we'll get a rental there before buying. My dad used holiday as a child to totnes and he actually recommended it! Its nice to hear its still as nice now.

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