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Any good dance classes? (street dance type)

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rainuntilseptember Thu 26-Jul-12 23:51:01

Hi, have been googling classes for primary age children and can see ones by Dancebase and all Step it up - does anyone have experiences of these, good or bad?

Groovee Thu 26-Jul-12 23:52:24

Dance for All at Stockbridge run a variety of classes too. Dd has been there for 9 years since she was 3 and loves it.

rainuntilseptember Fri 27-Jul-12 00:01:48

Cool, thanks.

Smurfy1 Mon 27-Aug-12 00:51:30

DSD goes to the JHiphop class at the Edinburgh Leisure and loves it

zumbamumi Tue 04-Sep-12 11:19:02

I do zumbatomic for ages 7-12 in Colinton. If you want more info check out my website! :-)

Chrysanthemum5 Mon 10-Sep-12 14:10:16

Studio 21 run street dance classes for primary children. I don't have their website but they should come up if you google. Person in charge is called Louise

hddance Thu 18-Oct-12 00:50:48

I have just set up a new dance school, HD Dance. I have a few classes set on Saturdays and Mondays for ages 3-12. Over the next few months I hope to set up many more classes so if anyone has any requests of styles, times or locations please get in contact.

OrangeLily Thu 18-Oct-12 01:00:59

Dancebase- have adult experience. Very positive experience so far. Charity I believe that then works with under priveleged kids.

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