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where do you take your car for tis MOT

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nailpolish Fri 20-Mar-09 11:11:25


Springflower Fri 20-Mar-09 14:17:20

I have gone to John Fortune at the the Causewayside Garage (31 Ratcliffe Terrace)and I have thought they were really good. I had been recommended them by a friend in the first place. Its one of these small, local garages where they get to know you.

aGalChangedHerName Fri 20-Mar-09 16:24:14

Hey NP hows you??

Bring it out here and DH will do it at his work. He'll make sure you are not ripped off sweetie xx

nailpolish Fri 20-Mar-09 17:25:59

OH AGAL are you sure?
i have beenripped off before (well, they tried it on but i susse dthem out)

ask him when i can bring it, i need to renew tax disc by end of the month

aGalChangedHerName Fri 20-Mar-09 17:52:18

Well yes of course you can,he won't mind at all. He is working every day except Sunday and next Wednesday afaik (i will check when he gets in tho) so anytime. Tell me a day that suits you and i will tell you what times he has got?

nailpolish Fri 20-Mar-09 17:53:32

next wed is best for me!
but thurs fine too


aGalChangedHerName Fri 20-Mar-09 17:57:07

if he is off Wed then Thursday would be better so that he is there to see what is going on. I will let you know asap ok?

How are you btw?

nailpolish Fri 20-Mar-09 18:02:05

im fine smile nowt much happening here
hopw ar eyou ?any gossip?
where is his work btw/ is there anywher for me and dd2 to go for a cuppae while he mots my car?

aGalChangedHerName Fri 20-Mar-09 18:32:37

Nowt much going on lol. I will come and get you from his work when he's doing the MOT. It's 5 mins up the road. He is off Thursday so Wed a better day. He will check what times are available,what time is best for you?

nailpolish Fri 20-Mar-09 18:44:14

i dont have dd2 on weds and its my day off for a change so itll be just me sad
i can do your ironing or whatever if you like while i wait!
i can leave as soon as i drop dd1 at school so maybe be at yours 930? so anytime after that
and i have to be back to get dd1 from school at 3 - is that enough time?
i will need directions to the garage (omg i hate driving inlivi)
cna you ask him how much it is (roughly - if everythng is ok)

aGalChangedHerName Fri 20-Mar-09 18:47:01

Will get him to book it in for 10am or 11am then. Drive to mine and you can follow me up? It'll be £30. Does that sound ok?

nailpolish Fri 20-Mar-09 18:49:25

£30 graeat
thanks so much mr agalch
i will come straight to yours then
if its not going to put you out too much

aGalChangedHerName Fri 20-Mar-09 18:50:45

Nae bother for you know that. If you need tyres or whatever just let me know and he will sort it out for you honestly!!

nailpolish Fri 20-Mar-09 18:57:29

there is bound to be something
tyres are quite old now you emtnion it
oh well!

nailpolish Fri 20-Mar-09 18:57:43

ps thanks agal
i mean it

aGalChangedHerName Fri 20-Mar-09 19:00:19

Honestly he's happy to do it. He will give you some discount on anything you need,see you Wednesday xxx

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