Isolated mum in Essex

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Mummyoftwoessex Sat 15-Apr-17 21:00:20

Hi Ladies, I'm 32 and a mum to teo children aged 6 and 8 and I have never felt so isolated in my life. It's really getting to me at the moment. Many husband has such a great friendship circle, work life and social life. And since having my first born 8 years ago I pretty much was the first out of my friends to have children and drifted apart from friends etc. I've never really made any real 'mum' friends at any groups, nursery and now even at school. I'm not need for PTA'S or getting into gossip at the school gates, I do love a chat and will chat and smile to anyone at the school or wherever I am. But I've never found it so hard and isolating and it's seriously getting me down. I have no one I can call and go for a drink with I never have girls nights or friends I can ask to pop round for a few drinks or play dates, my kids have their friends round often but obviously at the age where the parents don't stay. I just feel like my life has no purpose I know it doesn't revolve around social lives but I literally never go out I probably go out twice a year with my husband we have his friends and their wife's round for dinners etc but it's not like they are my friends who I can call on and have a proper girly evening with which I am dying for. I just feel so alone and it's affecting our relationship as my husband is forever out with friends or work and doesn't see the problem that his always arranging stuff with his friends but not a thought on us going out he sees it as nothing special. When I speak to nobody all day but him my family and the kids and a few mums at the school for a 3minute chat before the class room door opens.
Please tell me I'm not the only one ladies. I'm not unapproachable I just don't know how to make friends and I know that's so sad at my age and being a mum but it comes to the point where I dread taking my kids to the school events as all the mums will be in their groups and I'll be sat there on my own. It really does get me down. Does anyone else feel like this?

Terrirocks34 Mon 24-Apr-17 23:22:03

Hiya hun no you are definitely not on your own. My first child is 10 years and my other child is 1 so I don't have many friends with the same age as my youngest as most of my friends have had babies earlier. I to am starting to feel isolated and never seem to go out anywhere now. The baby groups that I went to were very clicky they were already friends when I joined. Feel free to message smile

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