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mibbes Fri 01-Aug-08 19:51:41

Are there any pregnant ladies from the Falkirk area out there ? I am due DC1 in Dec 08, I live in Larbert and would love to chat to other mums/mums-to-be in the area.
Am looking for classes for pregnancy exercise that don't run during the day when I'm at work - aquanatal, yoga, anything really ! Anyone know of any ?
Also keen to hear about NCT classes locally - are they worth it ?
Anybody out there...?

Joj26 Tue 02-Sep-08 15:00:45

People actually have their nurseries painted and fully furnished, hospital bags at the ready, prams on order etc. Quite scary shock

I quite like the classes so far, although DH does call them the 'babies for dummies' classes. Most people aren't that local either - Bo'ness, Broxburn, Polmont is the nearest. I have not really learned anything startlingly new but it is a reassurance. There is a breastfeeding one and a helpful labour positions one coming up which I think might be more useful. On a useful note I have just read Becoming a Mother by Kate Mosse which has really reassured me that I am not going to be a bad mother and it is ok to have a lot of the thoughts I am having - highly recommend it

NCT sale in Stirling is a week on Sat but just realised that is day after Dad's 60th in Glasgow so might not make it. There is another in Oct in Linlithgow.

I have taken the executive decision to go to Grangemouth on Thurs night as there is ladies only swimming but also an aquafit class. This way I can ask if I can do the class and if not then just do a few lengths. More than happy to meet up if you are interested?

I'm the same, def not just looking like I've put on a bit of beef, def preggers. shock

mibbes Tue 02-Sep-08 17:01:50

aah cunning plan going when there is a class on wink, I'd love to meet up but can't make this Thu as DP has the car. Let me know how you get on and I'll meet you the following week.

Thanks for the book top tip - I have read several books (Jools Oliver, Myleene Klass which are good as a diary-type book and Alison Craig and Mel Gederoiyc which are really funny) - also just finished a 'Yummy Mummy' one but cannot remember the author and have 2 more to read ! Can you tell I like to read up on stuff !? I'll dig any of these out if you are interested and bring them to swimming for you.

I need to decide tonight about NCT class - DP is so not keen (he isn't very keen on An classes full stop !), they are only holding the place until Thu.

I have ordered a pram (from Baby Central in Stirling which I recommend) and ordered nursery furniture but haven't got any further than that - I can't believe people have hospital bags ready !!!! I haven't even thought about that yet shock

Joj26 Wed 03-Sep-08 13:20:20

Will let you know if we can attend the class or just swim. There is ladies only swimming on a Mon evening at the Mariner although I can't make this Mon.

Wow, putting me to shame with the reading. I was deliberately not reading too much in case I scared myself but do like these ones written by real people that give honest opinion of what it is like.

Mmm, not sure what to recommend re NCT, DH isn't that keen (too new man for him!) and as I said there hasn't been anything groundbreaking at it yet. I am glad I am going through, like the reassurance of it and the odd little tip they give that I didn't know. I am hoping we cover off more useful stuff as the course goes on though.

We are hoping to get a pram from our friends and not sure what to do about nursery furniture as we are looking at extending the house and don't see the point in buying a whole load of stuff for the room if it is going to change. Think we will get basics and see how we go from there hmm

mibbes Wed 03-Sep-08 22:28:17

I decided to go with the NCT classes, doing an intensive course so have to go 2 Sundays and 2 week days, at least it gets it over with for DP as he is really not keen and if it is atall 'new man' he'll hate it so I'll have a hard job dragging him there ! My only concern is that with NCT you won't get a visit to the labour suite - I'm going to ask MW on Fri if I can go to the NHS AN class that gives you a tour - that is assuming I remember to ask blush !

I'll look out some of those books for you as they are really funny, honest accounts and very easy to read. Let me know how tomorrow night goes at Grangemouth.

Joj26 Fri 05-Sep-08 12:52:17

The NCT class we had on Weds was probably the most helpful we've had yet - typically DH couldn't attend that one! hmm It is good to meet other people and even thought not all really local, still within half hour anyway.

Some of them had just phoned and asked for a labour ward tour separately although got mixed reports. One couple got a tour of Stirling, another got given a DVD to watch of it instead.

Went to Grangemouth( feeling very smug and self-righteous today )and swam a few lengths, noticed a big difference in my fitness level though! I spoke to the Aquafit instructor and she advised that it is ok to do the class, her sister did it right up to due date but just take at your own pace i.e. half speed or just toning down the level of exercise. Unfortunately I have just worked out I can't attend the next 2 Thurs but will go after that. Will need to make do with swimming at the Mariner a week on Mon as don't have any other nights free next week - got extra NCT classes on, but now I have started the exercise I plan to keep it up.

mibbes Sun 07-Sep-08 12:15:22

LOL, you'll end up getting into a fitness routine just in time for the birth wink

Glad NCT classes are good, I think DP is dreading them ! Good idea calling about a tour, I'll try that in a few weeks.

Well my MW appt was a disaster, I was 2 mins late and left to wait for 45 mins, when I eventually asked the receptionist what the delay was she told me the MW had left - she hadn't bothered checking that I'd turned up after her last patient !!! I was furious as had taken time off work for nothing, plus I had to have blood taken for anti-D which am supposed to have next week ! Was told to call Falkirk hospital and they told me to call Stirling - eventually got through to a sensible MW who told me a community MW would call over the weekend but surprise surprise no call so far ! They have also still not done my MATB1 form depsite me asking several times - arrghh ! I hope they are better at delivering babies than they are at everything else !

Talking of delivery I watched one of these Baby Story/Birth programmes this morning - yikes ! DP walked in and said "what is that woman doing ?.. OMG !!!!" and legged it grin

I'll maybe try to go swimming in the next week, what time is the Grangemouth aqua exercise class ?

Joj26 Tue 09-Sep-08 12:27:19

I know! SHould probably just start looking for Mum and Baby exercise classes now

Oh dear, doesn't sound good. Am heading to midwife today and have my list ready for everything I keep forgetting to ask. They were half an hour late taking me in last time which meant I had forgotten everything by then.

Yeah, we watched a programme all about development of baby in the womb which was fine until it got to the labour part - stunned silence followed quickly by DH getting a large glass of wine shock

It is on Thurs at 7.15pm, called Aquafit.

mibbes Tue 09-Sep-08 13:27:21

LOL I watched that documentary about the development inthe womb - I was so not expecting to see a lady give birth at the end like that (not sure what the h3ll I expected though!) - I was quite tearful that night as it really started to sink in what is coming.... DP's helpful quote 'ha ha that'll be you soon !' hmm

Am looking forward to the NCT sale on Sat - wil let you know whether it is any good in case you don;t make it - apparently they are generally pretty good though.

Got my antenatal check last night at Stirling RI - all is well and am booked in for anti-D next week smile. There was a woman there who thought she was in labour and she was only 29 weeks shock. I really need to get some baby clothes bought soon just in case...

Good luck with the MW - I had a note of my questions too this time and finally got my MATB1 form !

Joj26 Wed 10-Sep-08 09:13:50

We are going to try and make the sale but probably not till later on - depends on DH's hangover hmm There is one the following week in Dunfermline if we miss it though.

29 weeks - that is pretty scary, one of my friends had her wee one at 33 weeks which I thought was scary enough shock

Got my anti-D and MAT B1 forms yesterday and even remembered all my questions . Everything is ok with Jnr. She said they don't do hospital tours with the classes anymore anyway but if you want to visit just chance your luck phoning up and they will either tell you ok to come in or no can do they are busy. She also said that it may be worth coming along to one of the NHS ante-natal classes that covers Pain Relief as NCT don't go into that in much detail. I'm going to phone and check as Stirling run some evening classes which we could just turn up to.

mibbes Thu 11-Sep-08 22:22:35

There will be nothing left at the sale after I've been and bought all the best stuff - don't waste your time grin

well I didn't make the aqua fit class as had a bit of a dramatic day - had a small bleed this morning so had to go into hospital and get fully checked out. They eventually just gave me the anti-D anyway as was due to get it next week anyway. Was on a fetal heart monitor for ages and baby kept kicking it off ! Had an internal too which wasn't any worse than a smear - phew ! Bit embarrasing though as Consultant thought I had an 'interesting' cervix and proceeded to ask a whole load of peope to come and have a look blush shock Also there were a couple of 'labouring' ladies in triage which was a bit scary !

Got confirmation of NCT classes which am pleased about - have you had one this week ? Was it any good ?

DP says someone at his work's sister is going to a PG yoga class somewhere near Alloa so he is going to find out more info for me, I'll let you know if it sounds interesting.

Joj26 Sun 14-Sep-08 17:43:43

How did you get on at the sale then? DH hangover didn't permit us making it - I might go to the one in Dunfermline this weekend coming.

Glad to hear all is well with baby now, must have been a bit scary at the time though shock

NCT covered how to spot baby blues V post natal depression and then positions to help during last stage of labour. Given DH's response to this I reckon he will be getting punched on the big day.

Cool, keep me posted re yoga.

I'm away abroad with work this week and am a bit worried about swelling as am having difficulty fitting into shoes as it is and not sure how I'll cope with flight and heat. hmm This will def be the last though.

mibbes Mon 15-Sep-08 13:43:28

wow I'm surprised you are still able to fly ! drink loads of water as last time I flew at about 16 weeks I had loads of braxton hicks afterwards which I reckon was due to dehydration.

I was reading in one of my (many blush) books last night that swelling of ankles and feet is due to the extra blood pooling and is totally fine, however to be more aware of swelling fingers - which I have a wee bit as could be one of the signs of preclampsia (sp?).

The sale was good - very busy though. Loads of women with prams or bumps in a very hot room ! Managed to buy a few wee things (incl yet another book !) but most of it was gender-specific (clothes and toys etc..).

Still don't have any more news on the yoga class - DP going to chase up the guy again.

Did you see 'Dawn gets a baby' on BBC3 on Fri night ? It is a documentary about a girl trying to find out the 'truth' about childbirth - it is really funny and moving too, I really enjoyed it - you can probably catch it on Virgin replay on demand or BBC iPlayer.

conkertree Tue 16-Sep-08 21:30:43

sorry to butt in on your thread but i was looking for ante natal exercise classes of some sort in the are too and came across your thread.

i live near kilsyth so not quite in the same area, but not far away.

there is an aqua natal class starting in cumbernauld on 7th october from 6 or 6.30 i think. dh works on a tuesday but am going to see if i can get someone to babysit ds (13 months) as i'd love to go to something.

am due in april by the way.

had ds in stirling last time round and doing the same (unless we move house) this time.

mibbes Wed 17-Sep-08 13:57:21

Hi conkertree, you are more than welcome to join the chat smile

That is great about an aquanatal class in Cumbernauld, only a 10 min drive from Larbert so ideal ! I'll definitely try to make it along. Where is the pool in Cumbernauld and do I have book in advance or just turn up ?

Did you have a good experience at Stirling ? Loads of ladies I know have had c-sections there.

oh and congrats on PG - how many weeks are you ?

conkertree Wed 17-Sep-08 17:10:27

hi mibbles - i have never been to cumbernauld pool, but the midwife gave me a leaflet about it when i had my first appointment on tuesday so i will check what it says and let you know.

you dont have to book - i know that.

i am 8+5 so still early days, but would like to get some sort of class sorted soon as last time round i put on a bit more weight than I'd have liked to.

will post about stirling next time i am on as just realised its past 5 so can go home - yippee.

conkertree Thu 18-Sep-08 11:56:19

hi again - so Stirling - its good I think overall in the general scheme of things - you do hear some horrible stories on here about other places, but I did have problems with it too.

The actual labour bit I couldnt really fault - lovely midwives and I felt in control most of the time etc. Once I got to the ward - I found it a bit tougher.

I think it totally depends on whether you plan to breastfeed or not. I was absolutely sure I wanted to, but things didnt start off just as easily as I would have thought. I know they have a certificate to say they are breast feeding friendly, but really, if I hadnt been determined, I would almost certianly have given up.

Every midwife had a different answer to the problem - and they do tend to be very hands on - shoving the breast into the babies mouth. Ds was just not interested for the first two days. I got told my nipples were too small, ds had a short tongue, then a misaligned jaw, then I was anaemic etc etc - its just seemed to be one problem after another and when you are already emotional after the birth, it can be a bit hard to take that you are failing in the one thing that I assumed, maybe naively, would come naturally.

At one point I was ready to get my rope and make my escape out the window. They pressured me into giving him formula, and after speaking to my dad (GP) decided that at least if he put on weight with it, he would be allowed to go home, and we could then get on with it in peace.

So the long and short of it was - gave birth on the tuesday night - didnt get home till the Saturday and I had to fight for that, but overall I do have good memories of the whole thing, and the chat in the ward was nice. I felt like an old hand by the Saturday as the others were constantly changing.

I apoplogise for this turning into an extremely long post - you can evict me from the thread for being too long winded if you want, but that was quite cathartic. And dont want to put you off Stirling by any means - as I say I think overall its a really good place to go - just remember though if you do want to bf - be determined and dont worry if your baby doesnt take to it in the first few days - they will catch on eventually.

mibbes Thu 18-Sep-08 15:14:24

conkertree you are most definitely not evicted - I love to hear info like this as I feel it makes me better prepared for what is to come and if I have a hard time I'll know I'm not the only one. Really appreciate you taking the time to post your experience.

On the exercise front, I may have found a pregnancy yoga class - well 2 ! there is a class in Alloa it's in the community centre Erskine st (just behind greenfield house apparently) - it runs tues 7-8.30 which means it clashes with the Cumbernauld aquanatal class. I am not sure if it is exclusively an antenatal yoga class or just one where they accept PG ladies (I found out from DP's colleague whose sister is Pg and goes to it).
Anyway, I have also found one in Linlithgow which runs in blocks and is for right up to birth (from 14 weeks), so I have emailed the lady and will let you know when she responds - apparently very popular so need to book in advance.
conkertree not sure if either of these are of interest to you as may be a bit too far ?..
Joj probably not too far for us - am really keen to give the yoga a go. Maybe we could try it out and let conkertree know if it is worth the effort travelling to as you can only start the yoga at 14 weeks for some reason.

Looks like Joj and I are about to find PG exercise classes just in time for when we get too big and uncomfortable to be able to move !

conkertree Thu 18-Sep-08 15:24:31

thanks mibbles- would be good to hear how it goes.

the alloa one would be better for me as my sil (and brother) live there but as you say tuesday night clashes. tuesdays aren't great for me anyway as dh works, but am going to really try and find someone to babysit ds cause i really fancy going to the aquanatal.

sil in alloa is also pg - due in january, so maybe my brother could look after my ds while we both go grin - dont see that happening knowing my brother.

conkertree Thu 18-Sep-08 15:25:45

if anyone fancied starting their own business though - looks like pg exercise classes of any sort in the central scotland area are a bit short on the ground.

Joj26 Fri 19-Sep-08 19:32:38

Wow, only away 4 days and come back to progress! I am free Tues night so would be game to give the yoga class a go this week. Will check with DH that I can get the car. Any word on the Lithgow one as well?

Also good to hear your experiences conkertree, I've heard similar experiences at other hospitals from friends. Had breastfeeding session at ante-natal classes last week which was quite good and reassuring as well.

mibbes Sat 20-Sep-08 00:04:26

Excellent Joj let's give the Alloa yoga a go then - still not heard from the Linlithgow lady, but I reckon best to get started ASAP as we don't have a lot of time left ! I can't believe how quickly time is passing shock. We have started decorating the nursery so it is all starting to feel quite real now ! Oh and my bump seems to have exploded in the last few days - I feel HUGE !! We start AN classes a week tomorrow, DP is not looking forward to them atall !

mibbes Sat 20-Sep-08 00:06:41

Oh and I'll be able to get the car on Tue so am happy to drive us there (not that I have any idea where we are going). My SIL lives in Alloa so will ask her for directions when I see her tomorrow.

MinaLoy Sat 20-Sep-08 15:21:39

Hi Mibbes, I was in the same boat re. NCT calsses, I live in Falkirk and all they could offer me was the weekend intensive one in Livingstone. Decided to do it anyway, and I'm glad I did. We were a lovely group, and tho' I wish we were all closer geographically, we do still meet up (eighteen months later) - the good old M9 will keep you connected!

MinaLoy Sat 20-Sep-08 15:30:37

Hi Mibbes, I was in the same boat re. NCT calsses, I live in Falkirk and all they could offer me was the weekend intensive one in Livingstone. Decided to do it anyway, and I'm glad I did. We were a lovely group, and tho' I wish we were all closer geographically, we do still meet up (eighteen months later) - the good old M9 will keep you connected!

mibbes Sun 21-Sep-08 21:19:14

MinaLoy thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience of the NCT classes. We start next Sat, am quite looking forward to it now !

joj I'm going to try and call the Alloa yoga place tomorrow as would feel awful if we turn up and they turn us away ! If it sounds ok, I can pick you up on the way (prob about 6.20 to give us a chance to get lost a few times!) - just let me know where is convenient for you. Conkertree we'll be sure to report back how it goes wink

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