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Hertford Secondary Schools

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KatyBusby Sat 18-Jan-14 16:55:40

Hi Hertford Mums,

I'm going to be moving to Hertford this summer from North London, and know the area reasonably well but not the schools! I gather Simon Balle is excellent but oversubscribed, and have heard good things about Sele too. Do you have experience of the secondary schools in Hertford, and if so, which would you recommend and why?

I have a nearly 8 year old boy and a nearly 10 year old girl, so single sex schools are not an option, and to be honest I would prefer that they were happy in a nurturing environment than ended up at Oxbridge (although my daughter is a smartie pants so who knows?) My priority though is a school that is encouraging and concentrates more on inclusion and individuality than test scores, as my son is quite quirky!

Not really a major deal but they are also extremely short for their ages, so a school that tackles bullying well is a must.

Look at me being one of those Mums who panics! blush

Thanks so much for any experiences you can share with me. I'm very excited but also very nervous about it all! smile


bruffin Mon 03-Feb-14 19:14:13

Simon Balle is good,as is Richard Hale which is boys school. Dont know much about Sele.Both my dcs were happy to go to Richard Hale for 6th form but have decided to stay at their own school. 6th form is mixed.
Know a few girls from Presdales in Ware which is an alternative. I lnow parents fight to go there but wouldnt send my dd there. The pastoral care seems non existant and it is very much a dog eat dog environment, although very academic girls seem to do well.

bruffin Mon 03-Feb-14 19:18:39

Sorry forgot to say dont actually live in Hertford but live in Cheshunt and dcs go to school in Hoddesdon. Ds does have quite a few friends there so gp there regularly.

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