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Commuting from Hitchin to London

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Claudia1234 Thu 21-Aug-14 11:57:42


My husband and I are moving to Hitchin in the autumn. Both of us will have to commute into London everyday for work. I would appreciate any advice on what trains is best to avoid or when it is more likely to get a seat, both from and to Hitchin. Currently I work 9:30-5:30 but I am considering changing my working schedule around the commute. Many thanks in advance!


Thurlow Thu 21-Aug-14 12:05:55

The 8.22, which is slightly slower, gets in to Kings Cross at about 8.56, and you can always get a seat on this one. The 8.34 is a bit quicker, getting in at just after 9, but is a shorter train and you'll get a seat about 80% of the time. I've heard the earlier trains can be really busy. There's also a fast train about 8.50ish, but I don't know how busy that one gets.

Coming home, the 5.40 and 6.10 are the popular trains (there are trains at 5.23 and 5.53 but I think they are really quite slow and get in after the trains 15 minutes later) but they always run long 12 carriage trains and almost everyone gets a seat, especially if you get there around half past.

Overall the trains aren't too bad, at least not compared to how rammed London suburban trains get.

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