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davidson96 Sun 22-May-16 17:46:02

Innovative, healthy food is at the heart of HECK, the fast-growing Yorkshire food company set up four years ago by the Keeble family. Now, in addition to their award-winning, gluten-free pork and lower fat chicken sausages, they’ve gone back to the kitchen table and made wonderful vegetables the star of the show with a delicious line-up of meat-free sausages, burgers and balls that are smashing the taste-free reputation of many mainstream vegetarian foods.

Soya, wheat and gluten-free, Nuts About Cheese Sausages, Gourmet Goats’ Cheese Burgers and vegan Super Greens Balls are packed with delicious super-food veg, nuts, cheeses, seeds and pulses to do you good as well as taste good. Perfect for creating fresh, tasty meat-free meals for the whole family or popping on the BBQ for an alternative to regular sausages and burgers.

To be in with the chance of winning a bumper HECK hamper containing nine packs of their veggie sausages, burgers and balls (three packs of each) email with the name of the local Waitrose branch selling the new range. You have two weeks to enter from 22 May 2016.

Or stock up at your local Welwyn Garden City Waitrose – find them in the new free-from fridges in-store – or buy online from

jemcee Wed 08-Jun-16 13:51:47

oh.. missed this sad

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